I was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., was educated, drafted, married, started a family and went into business. At about my fortieth year, a friend introduced me to needlepoint at a party. It was meant to be a light-hearted accompaniment to the more serious activity of downing martinis with stylish canapes. Ten years later, I had created many tapestries, pictures, a large rug, and more. Everything was designed as I went along and was made from persian wool. In 1980 I stopped my art when my wife and I decided to wet our toes in the wine importing world. Twenty years later, we retired, and I immediately picked up where I had left off. The procedure and material are the same today. In the past ten years I have produced many pieces of various sizes, and I have exhibited in about sixty shows, both juried and galleried. My favorite way of working is creating pieces in series, such as Art and the Fugue, Mahler and Infant series.