Picture of Mark Olshansky's hands at work.  I have a passion to create in wool these pictures from my mind, and now that I’ve been doing this for 40 years (with a brief 20-year hiatus), I have the skills to express my ideas in the medium of needlepoint. I do it in needlepoint because I can’t do it in any other medium.

My work is intuitive, I don’t try to figure it out. It works for me, and the end result is all I care about. I study music while I work: I study the constructions of Verdi operas, Brahms chamber music, Bach, and on and on.

My work is all Persian wool stitched on 10″ or 12″ scrim. I design each piece as I go along: I put a blank scrim on the wall and try to visualize what I want to do, and then I always do something completely different. now that I’ve reached 80, I realize that I chased the wrong things. But it’s really never too late: creating these things is now my life, and it’s a joy.

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