Summer Project

When I work, needlepoint being a solitary craft, for me, there is a requirement for belly laughter, so I named one The Fourteenth Inning Stretch because it’s a double header.

Dream Catcher was named by my friend Peggy.


Morgan Lehman Gallery Exhibit

Two of my pieces, The Mendacious Court Accountant for Henry VIII and Neanderthal Café, are being exhibited at the Morgan Lehman Gallery from March 26–May 2, as part of an exhibition called 20 x 16 New York. The Gallery is located at 535 West 22nd Street. For more information, go to the Morgan Lehman web page.

Arnot Museum

Three of my pieces — Prairie Hut, Blue Buffoon, and Hieroglyph Hill — are included in the Arnot Museum’s Gallery Gala, which will be running through the summer. For more information, go to the Arnot Museum’s web site.